O'Hara Township

Municipal Offices:

325 Fox Chapel Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone: (412) 782-1400
Fax (412) 782-4530


2000 US Census: 8,406
Sq. Miles: 8.02

Road Miles: 42

Millage: 1.725

Assessed Valuation: $1,202,430,258
Liquid Fuels Allocation: $272,413


Chamber of Commerce:

Allegheny Valley Chamber of Commerce


County Council District: 3 - Ed Kress
Senatorial District: 38 - Randy Vulakovich
Legislative District: 30 - Hal English
Congressional District: 12 - Keith Rothfus

Web Site: www.ohara.pa.us

School District: Fox Chapel Area





Manager/Secretary Julie A. Jakubec, CPA, CGMA   
Fire Marshal Allegheny County
Tax Collector Jordan Tax
Building Inspector Scott Chermak
Road Superintendent    Loren Kephart
Engineer Chuck Steinert, P.E.

Buchanan Ingersoll, P.C.

Zoning Officer Scott Chermak
Police Chief James Farringer

 Council Board

Meeting Date

1st & 2nd Tuesday of the Month

Robert John Smith          President
John R. Denny     
Scott Frankowski  
Allison Garcia  (COG Alternate)       
Mark Rothert  
Charles Vogel  
Cassandra Eccles  


Other Advisory Boards


NameContact Person & PositionMeeting Date
Park & Recreation Commission   Mark Yon/Chairperson 4th Wednesday
Zoning Hearing Board Scott Duffy/Chairperson 1st Monday
Planning Commission Ed Crates/Chairperson 3rd Monday
Civil Service Commission David Schaffner As Needed/2nd Monday  
UCC/Board of Appeals Scott Chermak As Needed

Real Estate $2,099,546
Interest & Rent $2,150
Act-511 Taxes    $4,637,936

Fines, Licenses & Permits




Inter. Governmental Revenue $433,267
Other Funding Sources $55,600
Miscellaneous $2,572,875

General Government $1,059,302
Public Safety $2,449,602
Public Works $5,088,912

Captial Improvement/

Community Development

Debt Service $247,662
Benefits & Insurance Included in Dept. Budgets
Miscellaneous $0
Interfund Transfers $0