West View Borough

Municipal Offices:

441 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15229-1889
Phone: (412) 931-2800
Fax (412) 931-1920


2000 US Census: 6,800
Sq. Miles: 1.02
Road Miles: 18.73
Millage: 5.40
Assessed Valuation: $350,354,035
Liquid Fuels Allocation: $180,304

Chamber of Commerce:
Northern Allegheny County Chamber of Commerce


County Council District: 1 - Tom Baker
Senatorial District: 38 - Randy Vulakovich
Legislative District: 20 - Adam Ravenstahl
Congressional District: 12 - Keith Rothfus

Web Site:  www.wvboro.com

School District: North Hills






Manager/Secretary Bruce Fromlak
Assistant Secretary

Patricia A. Rapp

Fire Marshal Chuck Kovac
Tax Collector Rita Schwarzmeier
Mayor John R. Henry
Road Crew Coordinator Joseph Assisi
Building Inspector (Residential) Building Inspectors Underwriters
Building Inspector (Commercial) Building Inspectors Underwriters
Zoning Officer Bruce Fromlak
Engineer Glenn Engineering-Bob Zischkau
Solicitor Michael J. Witherel
Police Chief Bruce Fromlak


Council Board

Meeting Date

2nd Thursday of the Month/7:00 p.m.

Donald E. Mikec  
Bryan S. Kircher  (COG Alernate)
Eugene Borio  
Robert D. Schellhaas  
M. Kimberly Steele  
Scott Miller  
William F. Aguglia (COG Delegate)


Other Advisory Boards


NameContact Person & PositionMeeting Date
Zoning Dennis Watson/Chairperson 3rd Wednesday/7:00 p.m. by Appt.
Recreation M. Kimberly Steele/Chairperson By Appt.
Planning Thomas Duncan/Chairperson 3rd Monday/7:30 p.m. by Appt.

Taxes and Fees $2,809,000
Interest & Rent $200
Licenses/Permits $189,780
Fines & Forfeits $53,900
Entitlements $342,300
Department Earnings $167,200
Miscellaneous $70,000

General Government $355,656
Public Safety $1,449,840
Public Works $1,224,600
Health & Welfare $12,000
Culture & Recreation $13,500
Debt Service $70,284
Benefis & Insurance $687,000
Refunds/Prior Year $0.00