Joint Purchasing Programs

purchase_programsThe COG acts as a mutual forum to discuss and bring into focus regional challenges and opportunities, collect and maintain data of a regional interest, strive to improve communication, coordination and intergovernmental cooperation between all levels of government, facilitate cooperative agreements, seek technical assistance, and to coordinate Federal, State and Local programs of regional importance.

(SPRING & FALL COMMODITIES/ POLICE AND PUBLIC WORKS VEHICLES) The NHCOG participates along with seven other Allegheny County COGs in the SHACOG Cooperative Purchasing Alliance. This program results in greater flexibility and increased buying power for all participants. Items are added to the cooperative purchasing requirements list based upon the degree of collective municipal need for a given item. (i.e.-as a result of the EPA consent decree for ALCOSAN municipalities, a joint bid was received for flow monitors)

JOINT MILLING BID – For the last several years the COG has administered a joint milling bid for the Borough of Franklin Park and Ohio Township resulting in an economy of scale and increased performance standards for these two COG members that have in-house paving capability

MULTI-MUNICIPAL ROAD SALT CONTRACT – As a result of a Multi-Municipal contract bid sponsored by the COG nearly  all of the municipal members comprising the NHCOG participated in a joint purchasing contract with Central Salt. Performance standards of the contract were significantly improved in order to mandate proximity of stockpiles, delivery mandates (liquidated damages), regular status and reporting requirements, municipal declarations to trigger emergency salt delivery and a formula to determine annual increases. The COG municipalities have just completed three successful base years’ and our first option year. 2007 is the final option year and may be renewed based upon mutual agreement. The fiscal year for salt purchase is September 1st to August 31st.

STREET SWEEPING BID – The COG has successfully jointly bid a contract for the provision of street sweeping services for the past ten years for a number of our member municipalities. Participants in the bid have benefited from a more advantageous price and improved contract performance standards. Participating municipalities have varied from three to six. In recent years, participation has been less than desired in order to drive an economy of scale possibly due to the fact that some of the more populous municipalities have purchased their own equipment. The COG continues to provide our spec. format for those still entertaining their own bid.